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There are various species of ants that are indigenous to Florida. The most common of infestations are fire ants and ghost ants. It helps to know what you're up against and the best strategy of dealing with your specific needs.

Beachside Termite and Pest Control's field technicians are licensed, knowledgeable and experienced. We utilize the appropriate products to ensure prevention and termination.

Whether it's your home or business, if you have a problem with controlling ants you can depend on our professional technicians. Our service can mean the difference between a full infestation and a clean home. No matter how large or small your home or business is, we offer the same comprehensive service and maintain the goal of customer satisfaction because we're confident you will love us!

It's important to fully understand ant behavior in order to combat them. All prevention and termination is based on the behavior of the particular kind or kinds of ants.

Ants can fit into the smallest of holes in order to enter your home as they search for food and water. You can often find them in your kitchen or bathroom in search of provision. Upon discovering what they are looking for they will leave an invisible pheromone trail so that other ants can follow them in. Usually they bring their findings back to their main nest that can be located anywhere on your property, from the lawn to the walls themselves. These nests can be as big as 300,000 members and ready to re-colonize at any moment. Trust the experienced experts at Beachside Termite and Pest Control to handle this and any other pest control needs you have. Contact us today for a free quote!


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