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Drywood Termites in Cape Canaveral, FL

Drywood Termites in Cape Canaveral, FL can be one of the most difficult species of termite to treat because they require no contact with soil or moisture to keep them alive, which is where the term “drywood termites” originates. While these termites are generally a problem in the Southern and Southwestern areas of the United States, including Cape Canaveral, FL, drywood termites can be transported anywhere. Drywood Termites in Cape Canaveral, FL quickly spread a thriving colony within any wood structures that provide them with adequate nourishment, including walls, door frames, and fences. While Drywood termites can be a difficult pest to eradicate from your property, Beachside Termite & Pest Control of Cape Canaveral, FL offers a wide variety of termite treatment options in order to take care of your infestation problems quickly and effectively.

These insects are a little bigger than other termites in Cape Canaveral, FL with smaller colonies. They are just as destructive as Subterranean termites. They live in dry wood which they burrow through and consume including your home or business. Unlike other termites in Cape Canaveral, they get their moisture from the wood they eat during the digestion process. Because they don't need to be around moisture, they are sometimes found in different places than Subterranean termites.

One thing that makes these termites different from other species is the way they remove their feces. They leave behind little pellets which they push out of holes in the wood. This can be an important discovery when determining which kind of termite you have, helping a professional to exterminate the colony. A company like Beachside Termite and Pest Control in Cape Canaveral, FL can get rid of these termites. Beachside proudly serves all of Brevard County.

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