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Silverfish don't generally cause a lot of damage, they're mostly just a nuisance. An infestation of Silverfish can damage paper products like book bindings or wallpaper as well as clothing material like leather, fur and silk.

When dealing with Silverfish it's important to locate where the infestation exists. You can often find them colonizing in dark, damp and cool places. You can find them in attics and basements. But they can just as easily be found in bookcases, around closet shelves, behind baseboards, behind window and door frames. Silverfish can also be brought into new homes during a move in cardboard cartons, books, and papers from infested sites. Lastly, you can also find them in the damp masonry work of a new building primarily because silverfish require moisture.

Getting rid of Silverfish can be a tough process, specifically because they procreate quickly and hide in dark hidden places. While you may not always see them, due to the fact that they only come out at night, it's important not to let them go unnoticed for very long. Most people are able to find the evidence of their existence through the various things they leave behind. Things like feces, damaged items and the skin that they shed. By the time you start discovering this, the infestation is already well developed. Getting rid of them can be a long difficult process. Call us today and we can have one of our specialist come out and inspect your home!


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