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Rodents in South Patrick Shores, FL

Each year, rodents consume or contaminate goods valued at billions of dollars. Gnawing rodents in South Patrick Shores, FL cause severe damage to structures, communication equipment, furniture, electrical wiring and so on. Areas in Brevard County are susceptible to these rodents. If you live in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange or Melbourne or Satellite Beach, you need Beachside Termite and Pest Control.

At the very least, rodents are noisy at night and can be annoying. At the worst, they can cause fires by short circuits in electrical wiring that have been gnawed on. In addition, mice and rats in South Patrick Shores, FL can transmit a number of serious diseases that can kill humans, such as Hantavirus, Bubonic Plague, Rat Fever, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis and many others. Small children and infants are most often victims of the rodent's bite where infants have suffered the loss of toes or even died as a result of rat bites. These animals can be found under sheds, in gardens and in attics and walls of buildings. Call a professional like Beachside Termite and Pest Control in South Patrick Shores, FL to keep rodents from entering your home instead of controlling them after they are already inside. The service is environmentally friendly for you and your family. If you suspect you already have rodents occupying your home or business, Beachside can get rid of them quickly and efficiently.

It is important to control rodents in South Patrick Shores, FL from entering or staying in your home. They get into food areas and contaminate them. Their waste carries the diseases that can be harmful to humans. When a rodent is spotted in or near your home, you must act quickly to protect your family and property. When rats find a food supply and a place to live, they are difficult to get rid of. They can enter openings as small as half an inch. Rats have a rather short lifespan but breed quickly. A few rats can become an infestation quickly. South Patrick Shores, FL residents should call a professional like Beachside Termite and Pest Control.

If you see signs of gnawing or find rodent droppings, don't wait, act quickly. If you would like additional information or would like to schedule an appointment in South Patrick Shores, call Beachside Termite and Pest Control at 321-750-4100 or 386-753-4103 or email


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