Argentine Ants

Argentine ants, like many other insects, seek out moist areas to nest that are close to food sources. They prefer to live outside in logs, and under leaves but they do come inside homes to search for food, especially after heavy rains. They like to live in climates that are mild year round. The worker ants prefer sweets but the queens and larvae like protein rich and fatty foods. Food is brought into the nests by the worker ants. Foragers go out in search of meals and the workers follow their trails. They are not from the US but traveled here most likely on vessels bringing coffee and goods from Argentina.

Their colonies contain many queens and reproduce quickly. You normally won’t see the flying ants of this variety because they mate safely in the nest. They live peacefully with other colonies of their species but will exterminate other species of ants.

The Argentine ant is a dull light brown color while the female is darker brown. They only bite when attacked and do not have stingers. They are only about 1/8-inch- long and the queens are twice as long. When they are crushed they give off a musty smell. These ants are one of the hardest to eliminate.