Black Widow Spider (Part 1)

The Black Widow spider is feared by thousands. People have the misconception that they bite without any reason and you will die from it. They only reason the females will bite a human is if her web is disturbed or she’s defending her eggs. They are don’t run fast and are not good climbers and hardly ever leave their webs. Usually if she bites, she only gives a small amount of venom to scare her attacker away. If she injects enough venom, you will suffer the consequences. Some people will have minor effects like pain where the bite occurred. The bite will affect the nervous system. After about 20 minutes you may experience swelling at the bite site, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing and chest pains. If symptoms are mild you can treat them at home with over-the-counter pain medicines and cold compresses. If you suspect a more severe reaction seek medical attention immediately, call 911. If you can catch the spider and show the medical team it would be very beneficial. If smaller prey is bitten, death is almost immediate.