Brown Recluse Spider

The Brown Recluse Spider, aka Fiddle or Violin spider, is another venomous spider to humans. It can be
identified by the violin-like shape on their body. Another identifier is its eyes. They have 3 pairs of eyes
where most other spiders have eight.
These spiders have begun to spread in the United States thanks to hitchhiking in people’s vehicles and on
their clothes. They only bite when threatened or touched. Some people have unknowingly stepped on them
because the spiders have made a home in their shoes. They also make homes in areas that are not used
often like the backs of closets, basements and outdoor areas like wood piles and carports. Their webs look
more like tunnels. Like the Black Widow, the bite can range from a mild reaction to life threatening very
quickly. Seek medical attention if you suspect a bad reaction.
To reduce the likelihood of Brown Recluse spiders in and around your home it is advisable to get rid of other
insects around your home. These spiders eat other bugs so if you get rid of their food they will find other
areas to feast.