Bed Bugs – Part 2

WHAT DOES A BEDBUG DO? These insects are like mosquitoes in the way they feed. They bite you and inject a numbing substance so you don’t feel the bite. Then they suck your blood and you usually don’t know until you wake up. You will often get a welt and itchy spot. Sometimes their bites are in a cluster. They are nocturnal, they hide during the day and feed at night. They detect heat and can find their meal during the night.

WHERE DO THEY LIVE? Many times they hide in bedsheets, linens, box springs and curtains. They will stay close to their food source, you. You will find blood specks and fecal matter on your sheets if they are there. It doesn’t matter how clean your home is, you can still get infested with bedbugs.

HOW DO THEY GET IN MY HOUSE? They enter your home through cracks and crevices and wall outlets if you share a wall with another home or room that has bedbugs. They can also hitchhike in your suitcase, on the belly of your pet, in your coat pocket – if you’ve been somewhere where they are, you may be bringing them home with you.