Fire Ants

Fire ants are one of the most aggressive ants known to man. They get their name from their reputation of biting humans then injecting them with venom that burns like fire. These ants bite to hold on to their victim then swing the back of their body around to sting. They are easy to identify because they have blackish bodies and reddish heads.

They like to live in moist areas like irrigated lawns and near bodies of water. Some nests can be 4 feet or deeper in the ground. They can be very damaging to plants, electrical wires, and even water pipes. They have at least one queen per nest and sometimes more. Because of this they reproduce very quickly. With more than one nest in your yard they can quickly become a major nuisance.

There are a small percentage of people allergic to Fire ants and need immediate medical attention. Most of us once stung, get an itchy welt with a center filled with white pus. It sometimes can take weeks to heal and itches during the healing process. Most Fire ants are found in the southern states but they are moving north as well.

Fire ants will come on the attack if their nest is disturbed. They usually climb on and wait a few seconds before stinging. Because of this, you may get several on you before you realize it, only because they’ve started stinging. They even kill small mammals and other insects. If you are over-run by these pests, call a pest control company to deal with this problem.