White Footed Ants – Part 1

White footed ants are a real problem with homeowners who have them because although they don’t cause any damage or sting, they multiply like crazy. Almost half of a colony is made up of females who are reproducing. Single colonies can range from a few thousand to millions. These massive colonies don’t all live in one location, they spread around your property. They also have several winged ants that leave the colony a few times a year to spread new colonies to other locations. They are very difficult to eliminate fully, you will most likely need a professional.

White footed ants are a brownish-black color with light colored feet. Normally you will not see wings on them unless its swarming season when they mate and look for other places to spread and colonize. These ants are often found in bathrooms and kitchens (where water and food are abundant) and also around the outside of homes in bushes, under leaves and in trees. They usually nest outside and travel in and out of homes to find food.