Mud Dauber

What is a Mud dauber?
Mud dauber, AKA Mud Wasp, is the name given to a few different families of wasps. They are long and thin with really narrow waists. Their name comes from the nests the females build. The nests are tubular or cylinder shaped with mud holding them together.

What is the Mud dauber’s habits?
hey aren’t aggressive like Yellow-jackets or Hornets but can become defensive when threatened. It is very rare to get stung by a Mud dauber. They usually occupy the same areas every year. You can control their habitat near your home by knocking their nests off. One very positive thing about the Mud dauber is that they prey on spiders. The females paralyze the spiders and bring them back to their nests to feed their young. Since so many people fear spiders, maybe people should consider keeping the Mud daubers around.