Brown Banded Cockroach

Unlike the German cockroach who prefers kitchens and bathrooms, the Brown Banded cockroach likes hanging out under furniture and appliances, and behind pictures and wall trim. Females lay around 15 eggs at a time. The Brown Banded roach is more common in southern states.

What does the Brown Banded cockroach look like:
These roaches have pale yellow stripes on their backs but they are difficult to see under their wings. Males are lighter brown than the females. Their wings vary between males and females. Male’s wings cover most of their body and appear lighter brown while female’s wings are a bit shorter and are reddish in color.

The good news is that these roaches are not very common in homes. If you do see them, you likely have many since they hide so well. Like all pests, they thrive when they have a good food source. Make sure to clean up food and keep a clean home.

How to rid yourself of these roaches:
A bait system is the best way to extinguish a population of Brown Banded cockroaches. To be sure the correct pesticides are being used, hiring an exterminator is a very good idea.