Pharaoh Ants

The Pharaoh ant is thought of as the most difficult ants to exterminate. They survive most common pesticides because they warn each other and split into separate colonies when they detect the toxicity of liquid pesticides. They reproduce rapidly and once they enter a building they are extremely adaptable.

These ants don’t need to live near a food source because they can travel to bring food back to the nest. They eat all kinds of food and like to nest indoors in warm areas. They are notorious for infesting hospitals and nursing homes. The biggest problem about these critters is their ability to spread germs like Salmonella, Strep and Staph. The young and elderly are especially at risk. Unlike other ants, the will even nest in walls and floor boards.

You can identify this ant by its red abdomen and brownish-yellow body. They are one of the smallest ants known. They are hard to see and makes identification difficult. Pharaoh ants are the biggest ant nuisance and you will definitely need an expert to deal with these pests.