Bed Bugs Information for Renters

Nobody likes bed bugs—and they are hard to get rid of, so rental owners might be annoyed to learn that their insurance do not cover insects.

Like cockroaches or rats, across most of the United States bed bugs are considered the responsibility of a tenant. When a renter signs their lease, they agree to maintain the property they live in—and that includes deterring and eliminating pests. This is the case for any type of rental unit, whether it be an apartment or a single-family home.

Florida and Maine are the only states with laws mandating landlords and management companies exterminate bed bugs from a tenant’s residence as soon as they are made aware of them.

If you happen to find a bed bug, vacuuming and throwing them away in a tightly sealed bag then them washing bed sheets in hot water should get rid of them. In extreme cases, or if they persistently appear, you should call an exterminator.