Palmetto Bug (aka Florida Woods Cockroach)

The Palmetto bug, or Florida Woods cockroach, is often mistaken for any large cockroach. Most people confuse the American cockroach for Palmetto bugs. The Palmetto bug is dark brown, almost black and turn a brownish-red color after shedding. The American cockroach looks similar however there are some significant differences.

Palmetto bugs prefer the outdoors. They occasionally come inside to seek out moisture and are usually found in bathrooms. They are slower moving then most and aren’t very good at flying. Living in warm, moist climates like Florida you can find them under fallen trees, decaying leaves and under wood piles. The Palmetto bug got its nickname because they are many times found on Palmetto trees.

One of the most distinctive features of the Palmetto bug is its ability to excrete a very foul smelling substance when they are threatened or alarmed. Like all roaches, they leave bacteria behind which can be harmful to humans and can cause asthma and allergy flare-ups.